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We are a company with a tremendous wealth of experience in the catering and licensing trade. The 12000 sq ft Warehouse on the Contact Details page is one we purchased some 15 years ago so you know were always going to be there at the times when you need our attention. The Proprietor has owned Nightclubs, Social Club, Restaurant, Pizza Parlour and a very large 16 table Snooker Hall and Short Mat Bowls Club for more than 35 years. So there is very little that we cannot help you with when setting up you business and were always only a phone call away. There is little we don’t have in the way of equipment or can get in a short space of time. Our eBay account shows a 100% feedback so you can buy with confidence by cash, paypal or bank transfer and ship within 24 hours of cleared funds by pallet or if within reasonable distance, our own staff and vehicle. Regards Stan James.
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